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Spot on!


by Panduro

Spot on!

Spot on!

How to instructions

Of course there are loads of skilled ceramists and artists out there, but with a little effort, you can actually make your very own products with "Hobby Clay", an air-drying clay. Tip! Roll out the clay on a moist kitchen towel to make it easier to release from the table. The dish we made is not suitable for serving food, but is perfect for a decorative vignette or for storing jewellery. Method: Paint with hobbylack and a spatter brush for best results. Cover the work surface with plastic to avoid rubbing stains afterwards. Let dry for at least a day between designing and painting. If you like, you can apply a layer of gloss varnish afterwards to make them more durable (but then the surface will be glossy and not matt like ours) Super easy and fun for all ages! Idea and picture: Frida Ramstedt. This entry is a collaboration between Trendenser and Panduro.

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