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Stylish clay wall tapestry


by Panduro

Stylish clay wall tapestry

Stylish clay wall tapestry

How to instructions

Make an atmospheric tapestry featuring the various phases of the moon; make the different shapes from clay. Roll out the clay to the desired thickness, then punch out six circles with punches (you can also use a glass or something similar). One circle should be complete (the full moon in the middle); two should be scaled down a little on either side. One circle should be split in half (two half moons) and two should be punched out as crescents. Let them dry under pressure (place a magazine or book on top) for one week. Cut 13 pieces of black yarn and tie them around a bell pull hanger. Thread on wooden balls; tie a knot with a dab of glue where you want the wooden ball to be. When all the balls are in place, cut the yarn to form a V, then glue on the dried moon phases. Make a yarn hanger and tie it to the bell pull hanger.

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