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Tape decorations on parcels


by Panduro

Tape decorations on parcels

Tape decorations on parcels

How to instructions

  • 1

    Wrap holiday gifts in solid-colour gift wrap.

  • 2

    On top of the parcel, draw a simple line drawing, for example a tree, like the one we drew. This will make it easier to see where to place the tape.

  • 3

    Apply paper tape in different colours to the lines you have drawn.

  • 4

    Use hemp twine to tie a little bow and glue it to the top of the tree.

  • 5

    Make a garland with small pennants of paper tape. Cut little pieces of tape and attach them around a piece of string. Then cut the tape pieces into points, to look like pennants.

Personalise your holiday gifts with paper tape! Here, we have assembled a holiday tree with green tape in different shades. If you want to add even more pizzazz to your holiday gifts, you can also make a little garland of pennants to tie around the parcel. Tip: Use a tape runner with double-sided tape to wrap your parcels, for clean seams.

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