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Tapestries & weavings


by Panduro

Tapestries & weavings

Tapestries & weavings

How to instructions

Tapestries and weavings can be endlessly varied. It is most fun to make something personal that suits the style of your home, with colours you like. For example, use leftover yarn and fabric pieces or choose from our huge yarn assortment. Instructions for how to start weaving are included with the loom. TO MAKE FRINGE & TASSELS: Cut pieces the same length as the fringe/tassels x2 and add about 4 cm for the knot. Depending on how thick you want the tassels to be, you can put two or more threads together as you tie. Pull the yarn/thread down into the weaving, under two of the warp threads and then up again. Capture the yarn between the warp threads to create a loop. Run all thread ends down through the loop on the front of the piece and pull. When you are done tying on all of your tassels/fringe, trim them to make them even.