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Traditional Christmas cones


by Panduro

Traditional Christmas cones

Traditional Christmas cones

How to instructions

Serving Christmas sweets in traditional cones at a holiday party boosts the cosiness factor. The waxed paper looks beautiful folded, crinkled, or as seen here - embossed using a Christmas greeting template (for a fabulous vintage feel). If you want to emboss the paper with a text, then place the template upside down (otherwise the text will be backwards) and rub carefully using a light touch. The pattern will stand out in relief in light lines, which is typical of waxed paper. CONES: Cut out squares (20x20 cm), twist them into cones and secure with a stapler. Punch one hole in the corner that sticks up on the back of the cone and one hole in the centre on the front of the cone; then you can pull down the corner to form a cover and secure it with string. CELLOPHANE: If you make your own toffees, then we have real cellophane for them. They'll look especially lovely with different knots and lacing; use your imagination. P.S. Don't forget to write labels for the cones!

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