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Watercolour Garland


by Panduro

Watercolour Garland

Watercolour Garland

How to instructions

  • 1

    Apply watercolours to a sheet of watercolour paper

  • 2

    Once the paper has dried, punch out circles

  • 3

    Use a sewing machine to sew the circles together

Make a festive garland with watercolours and a figure punch. It's a wonderful outdoor decoration for a summer party, or hang it over the dining table inside. With a figure punch, it is incredibly easy to make. For our garland, we used a watercolour pad for painting, sewing thread, a watercolour palette, a brush and - of course - a figure punch. Method: Apply watercolours to a piece of paper from the watercolour pad. Let the paper dry and then punch out circles. Use a sewing machine to sew the circles together. So cool!

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