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Weave with Hama beads


by Panduro

Weave with Hama beads

Weave with Hama beads

How to instructions

  • 1

    String beads onto a piece of thread. Measure how many beads you need based on how tall the tin you want to cover is.

  • 2

    Split a piece of embroidery thread so that you have a thinner piece of thread to work with. Thread the needle.

  • 3

    Weave beads using the peyote stitch technique (download the instructions below).

  • 4

    Continue to weave rows of beads until your work is long enough to cover the tin all the way around.

  • 5

    Sew the short ends together to make a roll around the tin. Secure the thread well by running it back and forth between the beads.

Learn to weave with beads! Bead weaving involves sewing beads together in a pattern, as opposed to just threading them in one length. We made colourful covers for empty tins in order to reuse them as pencil holders. We used the peyote technique, where the rows of beads you weave end up offset against each other. Download the description to see the different steps. What else can you use the weaving technique for? Maybe a bracelet or pretty coasters?