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Whimsical Christmas calendar


by Panduro

Whimsical Christmas calendar

Whimsical Christmas calendar

How to instructions

  • 1

    Fold fans in different colours and sizes: Start by folding the paper lengthwise. Cut the edges with patterned scissors, if you like, and then unfold the paper. Now fold the paper accordion style from short side to short side, then fold in half to crease the centre. Unfold. Raise the flaps on either side of the crease and glue them together, forming a fan. Make a circular fan by gluing two fans together.

  • 2

    Punch or cut out cardboard circles to make the round decorations. Cut the edges with patterned scissors for a fancy touch. Glue a round fan to the circle and a smaller circle on top of the fan. Glue the decorations to the paper straws at various heights.

  • 3

    Write a festive Christmas greeting on the decoration at the top, and number the boxes from 1 to 24 with a black pen.

  • 4

    Glue two slightly larger fans on top of the chest with the round decorations. Cover the top of the chest with glittering garland.

  • 5

    Finish the whimsical setting with a few adorable animals. Make hats out of little paper cones and the tassels from cut garland. Make the collars out of folded paper.

It's Christmastime in this whimsical world! Transform your Advent calendar into a festive wonderland with glitter and imaginative decorations. Arrange and rearrange the various components to your liking on the mini chest before you glue them in place. A glue gun is perfect to use for everything that needs to be attached. Just remember to glue the big fan only to one half of the chest, so that you can still open and close it. When you are satisfied with your whimsical creation, simply fill the boxes with little gifts and enjoy the countdown to Christmas.