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Year-round Wreath


by Panduro

Year-round Wreath

Year-round Wreath

How to instructions

Start by spray painting the metal ring (paint the decorations, acorn/pine cones etc. as well) and let dry completely. Next, secure a suitable branch at a slight angle across the ring; use a hot glue gun and wrap with some floral wire to keep the stick securely in place. Remember to try test-hanging the "wreath" on something flat while you decide how to arrange the stick; it has to be able to hang on a door later. Attach the decorations (acorn and pine cones) you painted earlier to the stick with hot glue. We've also attached a little squirrel. Last, use floral wire to secure a few green sprigs down the ring. Now your year-round wreath is ready to hang up! Next, simply add more decorations based on the season, if you like.

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