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Yellow miniature world


by Panduro

Yellow miniature world

Yellow miniature world

How to instructions

  • 1

    Spray a card egg yellow. Use a glue gun to attach a door, windows etc. using pieces from our miniature kit

  • 2

    The trees are made of branches that we poked into pieces of air-drying clay to stabilise them. Glue pompoms to the branches, spray everything yellow and add a few dabs of glitter glue

  • 3

    Its easy to make the rabbits yourself with the pieces in our Bunny Buddies DIY kit

  • 4

    We made the signs with miniature pieces that we glued together, sprayed yellow and wrote on with black ink

Yellow is the colour of Easter, so why not build an incredible Easter miniature world all in yellow? With a few simple tricks, you can turn an ordinary card egg into a little bunny home. Then just let the rabbits and their friends move in!

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