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Advent & calendars

Advent – a countdown to Christmas. Advent is at least as important as Christmastime itself. Make the whole of December one big build-up to Christmas filled with seasonal cheer, festive spirit and crafting. Hang Advent stars, make an Advent candlestick or Advent wreath with four candles, craft a stunning Christmas wreath for your front door, or why not sew a charming Christmas stocking? With a homemade Advent calendar you’ll be adding to the suspense with a countdown to Christmas starting on 1 December. An Advent calendar is thrilling for both children and adults, and consists of numbered doors or Christmas gifts numbered 1 to 24 for every day in December up to Christmas Eve. A homemade Advent calendar can be made in all kinds of ways, so feel free to check out ours for inspiration. Maybe you fancy making a parcel calendar of 24 little surprises for children, or sewing Christmas pouches to contain a tiny gift for each day up to Christmas. No matter how you do your countdown to Christmas, we have all the supplies you need.

Advent crafting: all you need