Edding spray paint, silk-matt, permanent high-quality paint for indoor and outdoor use. Produces a nice, smooth surface. The paint has excellent coverage and works on most surfaces (not polystyrene).
Contents 200 ml (covers approx. 0.5-1 m2).
METHOD: Shake the container for 3 minutes before use. Spray on clean, dry surfaces. Glossy surfaces should be sanded with fine sandpaper first. Spray crosswise - distance: approx. 25 cm. Spray several thin coats at 2 minute intervals. Quick-drying (touch-dry after 50 minutes, completely dry after 24 hours). It is preferable to spray outside or in a well-ventilated area (like a garage or workshop), because mist from the spray will be dispersed. The spray bottle should be room temperature; the best results are achieved at 15-25°C. FOR FURNITURE: Let dry 24 hours, wipe off any "overspray" with a dry rag and finish by spraying the surface with Edding clear varnish.
Tip! Use different sprayheads to achieve different spray widths (182039 Edding sprayheads 6-pack).
Light lavender.